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Yes, we are going to help you.

However we are not promising you wonders.

We are not magicians and we do not have magic wands.

We cannot guarantee that all of your dreams will come true. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not – whatever you do and whoseever advices you follow.

You know, human soul is something very, very specific and complicated. Unlike - for good or bad - science and engineering, for example.


Often it is not enough or is not possible to get the right formula about the relations with the person next to you.

This doesn't mean it is not worth trying.


We are not another online money makers who are trying to take advantage of peoples love and relationship troubles by compiling other similar sites's content.

Nowadays women and men often cannot have the chance to visit a therapist to get help for their personal problems.

No wonder why self-help strategies and tactics have gained such an enormous popularity.

Moreover, some of the recommended self-help remedies are proven to work with outstanding results.

Our hobby, so to say, is trying to understand and help people. We enjoy helping people by providing them info about how to get over their relationship problems.

We have been in love trouble - just like you - and we were able to overcome it. That's why we think we can help you with our experience.

There is a difference between just telling people information and telling them how to take advantage of it, that is to make things going, problems resolving and life moving on.

We are happy when we see the happy faces of all the people we have provided with practical and applicable advices.

Believe us - giving such kind of info to people is much a greater pleasure than advising them to read heavy book volumes which are too long, too academic and eventually might not be of any use at all.